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Reference Articles

Please note that these historical articles are currently displayed on our archived site at and are due to be fully updated and migrated to this new site and made 'mobile friendly'  in the near future.  


Captive Care

Information on individual species, housing, lighting, heating, safety, ponds and filters for aquatic species, substrates and diet, etc. 


Taxonomy & Natural History

The classification of tortoise and turtle species, field reports, etc.

Kleinmanni hatch-topaz-denoise-enhance-2x_DxO-topaz-denoise-2_edited_edited.jpg

Captive Breeding

Information on egg incubation, housing and rearing hatchlings, etc.


Veterinary Articles

Comprehensive set of articles covering common (and some uncommon) health issues that every keeper should be familiar with. 

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Exploitation around the world - and some efforts to help.

Tropical Tortoises need different care-t

Updated Articles

Recent articles on this site

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