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Tortoise Trust Foundation Course in Tortoise and Turtle Care

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This complete, self-contained course is designed for everyone who is interested in tortoises or turtles, whether you have animals already, come into contact with tortoises and turtles in your work, or are just thinking about it. If you are a new to this subject you will learn how to avoid the problems that many new keepers encounter, and you will guarantee your tortoise or turtle the very best start in its new life with you. If you are a more experienced keeper, or encounter tortoises and turtles in a professional context, you will find the content that deals with lifestyle, ecology and biology of special interest. The course is especially suitable for training pet store staff, for veterinary nurses, and for wildlife rehabilitators. This fascinating and informative course will also equip you with improved handling and observational skills - all of which will transform the quality of care you are able to provide to the animals you maintain. There are many books on keeping tortoises and turtles, but many – if not most – contain outdated, incorrect and misleading information. With this course, which is fully endorsed by the world-famous Tortoise Trust, you can be assured that everything is fully up to date, is completely accurate, and is based upon many years of working with these animals both in the wild and in captivity. Content is delivered in a highly structured manner, to ensure that your knowledge is soundly based and that you know exactly how to apply it in practice. Recognising the difficulty of studying by yourself at home, this carefully designed interactive program brings you the benefits of classroom training without any of the inconveniences. The Tortoise Trust has more than 40 years experience of educating people about the proper needs of tortoises and turtles, and as one of the most respected and innovative Chelonian organisations in the world, their experience in this field is second to none.

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Tortoise Trust Course Subscription Plan
€17.50/month + €7.50 Deferred Payment Fee


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